Aug. 13th, 2009 04:46 pm
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Seriously you guys. Seriously.

I am trying to be ever so good and get a general physical, just to make sure nothing is wrong with me or my blood or the parts of me that are not my lady bits, which are already being seen to.

I like my lady doctor, so I asked her to refer me to a doctor for a general physical.

It is the world's most enormous hassle. I get the referral. They fax over my stuff. The office calls me to set up an appointment. I have already looked the doctor up on my insurance's webpage to see if she takes it. The lady on the phone says they do not take ALL this company's insurance, so I need to tell her specifically what kind I have. Okay, say I, I am looking at the card, what do you need.

She spits out a string of gibberish I do not understand. I tell her this. She says the card should have two columns, tell her what the top says. Why did you not say this in the first place, I think, and tell her. She says ok, flip the card over and tell her if there is a floating freestanding C anywhere on the back of the card. I say no. She says good, which doctor did I want to see. I tell her.

That doctor is not seeing new people with that insurance.

So I call the lady doctor back. And start the entire process over.

JESUS HOLY THE SAVIOR, I am just trying to get a REGULAR PHYSICAL HERE no wonder people are having nervous hysterical breakdowns over Medicare Confusing The Eldery. I think this would reduce me to tears if I needed actual frequent medical care. I just want someone to wave a caliper at me and tell me whether my heart is pickled in aspartame or not.
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