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So I consume a lot of protein powder. I do this because the last time I did a half marathon, I stopped lifting and focused on running, and so I ate a lot of carbs. I lost a lot of muscle, and this pissed me off, because I like having guns. It makes me feel tough (even though I am totally, hilariously not).

If you want to keep your muscle, you have to eat roughly a gram of protein per pound you weigh every day. Then you want about 20 to 30 percent of your remaining calories to be healthy fats, and THEN the remainder you can carb out. I am not a huge meat eater, and while I LOVE me some dairy, if I eat too much of it, it is inviting the fartpocolypse. So I eat a lot of egg white protein powder, and usually once a day I pop some whey in some greek yogurt and eat that. My favorite breakfast is half a cup of oats with egg whites + six ounces of goat yogurt + whey protein. This breakfast gives me 56 grams of protein right out of the gate. Protein!

My favorite flavor currently is Optimum Nutrition's chocolate malt, because I love chocolate malt, but recently, I got some variety packs of brands I hadn't tried after my buddy [ profile] thistle_chaser brought them to my attention. I am going to review the flavors here not just for my own reference, but just in case any of y'all ever decide to be a meathead too and want to know about flavor sensations.

Twenty, Forty, Sixty, Eighty Pounds! Flex Flex Flex I'm gonna show them clowns! )


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