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Background: My little brother is replaying the first Zelda, having successfully, with Suboshi's help, installed a pandora battery in his PSP.

JL: Where is the boss in Underworld 6? You can text if you need to.

Ali: You have to go through one of those underground passages. In the NE.

JL: Nerd.

Ali: More specific: go south from where you got the wand and bomb to the right. Should be wizzrobes and like likes and one push block. Passage opens in the corner.

JL: Looking on the internet is cheating.

Ali: I'm not. It's the lizard one right? Curled around himself? Should be in his leg.

JL: Dude I don't even know what to say.

Ali: You say, "This is why my sister never remembers anyone's birthday."

JL: Burn.


Aug. 3rd, 2009 10:09 am
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I am excited to have dragged my friends into the thirty day shred with me. :D :D

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They are still feeling slightly hostile, but shit, that's 3000.

That's cake.
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I played a Nintendo game called California Games when I was a wee thing. It was the only game for which JL and I utilized the NES Advantage, a large and unwieldy joystick-based controller that proved awkward for the fantasy-adventure games we usually preferred. The turbo setting was invaluable in California Games.

There was a roller skating event. JL and I always scoffed at how the tiniest crack would send the character sprawling ass over teakettle.

This weekend, I pulled out some recently-purchased roller skates and attempted to skate outside on the sidewalk.

I should not have laughed, because when you hit a crack, especially when you are going swiftly?

That is exactly what happens.

Major ass-busting wipeouts: three (all on the first day!)
Major hilarious bruises: one, and it looks like a stigmata.
Major thanks given to the wrist guard gods: one, see above.

The second day I totally did not fall though. AT ALL.

Today I have brought the skates to work to see if the path behind my workplace is smoother going, since it's a single path without panels like sidewalks.

Tune in later for additional developments in New And Exiting Ways To Kill Yourself.
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As previously mentioned, I've been watching Babylon 5 for the first time, and loving it. It contains much intriguery, which I love, and much soldiering, which I also love.

It also contains much mindfuckery, which... well, which I suppose I also love, as storytelling device, but which I also find the scariest thing in fantasy/sci-fi. This started early in my life, when I was about thirteen years old.

Spoilers for (in no particular order) Babylon 5, Marvel's Inferno arc, the movie Willow, Conan the Barbarian, and probably Warcraft III/World of Warcraft: the Burning Crusade. Oh, and SaGa Frontier. I am not involving Zelda: OOT, because that is timefuckery, which never ends well and is a whole different thing.

WARNING THIS IS VERY LONG AND ILL-ORGANIZED. It was difficult for me to get my thoughts in order SORRY.

I would like (oh you would, would you) if I may (you may) to take you on a strange journey. )


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